Tuesday, June 29, 2010

U.S. military harassment & domestic terrorism campaign.

As a targeted individual, the victim is subjected to a domestic terrorism campaign orchestrated by the U.S. military which includes participants from the law enforcement community including the Sheriff's department, government contractors and various branches of federal law enforcement including the DEA, FBI, Joint Terrorism Task Force and Homeland Security. The U.S. military brings a vast array of psychological warfare tactics and in many cases physical torture and poisoning of the targeted individual through continuous directed overexposure to a variety of electromagnetic radiation sources (directed energy weapons). Once a target is chosen by the U.S. military for extermination, an elaborate and unrelenting campaign of slander, defamation, invasion of privacy and abuse by directed energy weapons ensues, often lasting for many years and in some cases decades.

In the beginning stages of this domestic terrorism campaign a targeted individual is slandered and subjected to harassment by various branches of the U.S. military including their vast network of community "helpers" are recruited to begin a psychological warfare campaign against the target which has been given the name of Organized Stalking. The U.S. military harassment and slander plays a critical role in recruiting any and all local participants willing to participate in this portion of the domestic terrorism campaign. Organized Stalking is very labor intensive and requires an extremely large number of participants to acheive their desired effect of keeping a targeted individual constantly surrounded by a hostile, angry environment. Organized Stalking is just one aspect of the extensive psychological warfare campaign being perpetrated against the victim.

With the assistance of the U.S. military, a targeted individual can also be subjected to a continuous overexposure and poisoning by directed electromagnetic radiation sources. This portion of the domestic terrorism campaign tortures the victim physically through invisible, silent hi-tech weaponry (directed energy weapons) which slowly poisons a targeted individual and subjects them to constant agitation, physical discomfort and leaves them feeling helpless to defend themselves. Besides the physical pain and potential health hazards associated with constant, high exposure to various forms of electromagnetic radiation, this technique is presumably deployed to drive the targeted individual insane, provoke a reaction of rage or have the victim give up their will to endure the constant abuse and end their own life.

Domestic terrorism is being perpetrated against an unknown number of American civilians known as targeted individuals. The U.S. military deploys harassment techniques such as Organized Stalking and various other forms of invasion of privacy and psychological warfare tactics and in some cases torture through the constant overexposure to potentially deadly electromagnetic radiation and directed energy weapons.

For more information about this ongoing abuse of power by the U.S. military against American citizens, which is supported by our federal government and perpetrated through their local network of "community supporters" during these domestic terrorism campaigns, please visit online at TorturedinAmerica.org